About SteamGreen



This Blog is promoted by University of Bologna – Resource Economics and Sustainable Development. It will mainly focus on sharing ideas and contents in the field of energy, natural resources, sustainability, environment! We will also discuss about various documentaries related to climate change and different but simple ways to save the environment. Various students from our course will share their experiences about attending symposiums, field trips and about the course in general.

For more details, check our course page on Facebook or on UNIBO – RESD Rimini

Why SteamGreen?

With the invention of the steam engine at the end of the 18th century, the world entered in a new era: Industrial Revolution. Now 250 years after the brilliant idea of James Watt to use steam for engines that transform energy from heat into motion the world is again at the beginning of a new era: The era where mankind has to reconsider how its existence influences the whole planet.

Resources become rare, the environment gets polluted and energy becomes more and more precious. In a situation like this, we all have to change towards a more sustainable behaviour and go back to the roots, using the resources the environment gives us in a matter such that even future generations are not negatively affected by our present activities.

SteamGreen stands exactly for all this. Let us use the world in a way such that waste and pollution get minimized, where production doesn’t harm too much the environment by using energies that do not change the live-giving conditions on our planet.

Let’s SteamGreen!


4 thoughts on “About SteamGreen

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