Old Business Paradigm vs. New Business Paradigm


During the last couple of month we RESD Students had an interesting time while following our course in Green Strategy and Sustainable Innovation. In this course we talked a lot about generic stuff like “What is sustainability for a company?!”, and we were surprised that it is not so easy to answer this question. In fact, we learned that in todays world it is difficult to follow a business paradigm that is different from the established way of doing business.

The slogan the business of business is business seems outdated nowadays, because if the performance of a company gets measured only by its financial terms a lot of things get missed on the way. A company is a lot more than only shareholders that want big dividends for their trust and CEOs doing literally anything to reach this goal; all the other stakeholders have not such an importance. Environment, personell, customers, do not get a treatment like they should in a society where money rules them all.

What we learned in this course is that there exist some people out there that are working hard on new business paradigms that could break the supremacy of shareholder primacy and short-termism. Here I will provide you the most important ones so you can check them out!

  • The Circular Economy (link), an economy without waste or pollution
  • Sharing Economy (link) based on collaborative consumption
  • The Purpose and Gift economy
  • B-Corps and Social Business
  • The Economy for the common good (link)

Give em a look, it will be worth your time!




Loccioni Group – Sustainable&Innovative


Last Thursday was a very exiting day for RESD Students: We had the opportunity  toloccioni resd visit the Loccioni Group Company in the Marche region. What we saw there was impressive, they call them self an Open company, that enables to all its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, competitors, the public community, visitors) to enter in the company ant interact with it. This Openness is key when it comes to the creation of new business opportunities and enhances networks and technology applications.
In fact, when we arrived there at 9:30 am after a 1,5 h bus ride from Rimini, we were welcomed in a very open way. No visitor badge, no security check, no stickers on the cameras of our smartphones that would prevent taking pictures of the production site. Our guides told us that Loccioni was founded in 1968 and offers today measures and test solutions to improve the quality of products and processes for the manufacturing and service industry. Around 400 employees build up products like in a “tailor’s shop”, which means that Loccioni offers tailor made solutions for their customers, where every product is customized. What really impressed me were some numbers about the company, with 33 as average age and more than 50% of all employees with a university degree, Loccioni is definitely not like the average Italian company.
After visiting the production site  and a super tasty pizza offered by them, RESD students participated in a group work that was somehow a simulation of what the working day in such a company looks like.

The trip to the Loccioni company was a good opportunity to see how a modern buisiness approach can substitute the so called dominant business paradigm, and that also other companies could follow an approach like them.

A big THANK YOU to all the people that helped to make this trip possible!